Yoho Creative


If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You’re present, active, maybe even obsessed with social media.
(And you’re not alone; you’re in good company with millions.)

You follow content and news from brands, businesses, and personalities between conference calls; you check in on commentary or an update from the game you’re missing; and you buy something you never knew you needed until you were strategically served an ad for it. That’s digital content and strategy. And it’s designed by experts like us.

We’re Yoho Creative. We’ve grown the digital footprint for one of the most recognized brands in college football and created brand voices and unique, social content for nationally-recognized campaigns.

We make it happen by easing the fear of taking the next – maybe even the first – step in social media, starting genuine conversations, and cultivating strong, personal connections in a digital world.

Now – let’s make that happen for you and your brand.


One-on-one consulting, a complete analysis of your brand, and best practices to simplify your life. Helping you create content, and then, strategic and efficient follow up.


Custom-made targeted social media campaigns that efficiently target specific audiences with creative content that optimizes the process of reaching your goals.


Partnering means your very own social media guru. That’s right, you have someone to help inspire, create and convert your social media campaigns year-round.

Miller Yoho keeps it simple.

He listens to a client’s vision, builds a strategic plan with personality, and then – makes it happen.

That approach delivers results. He has been responsible for creating digital content and marketing strategies that have consistently resulted in dramatic increases in impressions and followers for a variety of brands.

His unique experiences in managing brand voice, digital projects, content development, and the facilitation of a variety of communication styles has made him a creative thinker, a dynamic problem solver, and a strategic partner for clients.

He’s motivated, detail-oriented, results-driven, and pretty funny if he doesn’t say so himself.